Docent Sheet

Biodiversity Worksheet

Physical Features—Abiotic Investigation Area_____________

1. Ambient Temperature__________ 2. Soil Temperature___________

3. Light Reading________________ 4. Soil Moisture______________

5. Relative Humidity ______%

Dry-bulb reading _________– Wet-bulb reading ________ = _________

6. Soil pH_______________________

Soil Investigation

Description of Soil





Soil Type_______________________

Is this soil ___good, ___fair, ___poor for growing plants?

What is the reason for their prediction:____________________________________

Soil Color:

dark—black, dark gray, or dark brown

medium—brown to yellow brown

light—pale brown to yellow

Soil Particles: Structure

blocky platy columnar granular

Determining Soil Texture: Soil Type

very gritty Sandy

smooth and slick, or somewhat gritty and sticky Loamy

smooth, very sticky Clayey

Biotic Investigation

Plant Life

Density Chart: Mark the chart with an X under the category that best describes the vegetation in that layer.

Forest Layers Sparse Moderate Dense

Forest Floor

Herb Layer

Shrub Layer



Animal Life

Bird ID List:____________________________________________________________

Micro hunt List:____________________________________________________________


Animal Signs Scavenger Hunt

Can you find: Evidence of::

· a shredded pine cone ________________

· half eaten nut ________________

· scratches on tree trunk ________________

· scratches on the ground ________________

· egg casings on a leaf ________________

· nibbled on leaves ________________

· a home or shelter of an animal ________________

· tracks of an animal in the dirt ________________

· animal scat (droppings) ________________

· holes in trees ________________

· holes in the ground ________________

· animal trails ________________