Popcorn Food Chain (K-3)

  1. Docent will seat students in rows.
  2. Docent will explain that all living things need energy and the sun has a continuous supply. The plants get energy from the sun, the herbivores from the plants, and the carnivores from the herbivores.
  3. Designate one student as the sun and give him/her the bowl of popcorn.
  4. The 12 students designated as plants take a handful of popcorn from the sun and each eats some but not all of their popcorn.
  5. The 6 students designated as plant eaters take popcorn from 2 plants each and eat some but not all of it.
  6. Each of the 2 students designated as meat eaters takes the unconsumed popcorn from 3 plant eaters.
  7. Discuss where the energy came from and how it is passed on.
  8. Discuss what would happen to the cycle if some of the plants or plant eaters were killed.