Herb Walk and Talk


This is a walk through the woods looking at plants and other signs of Native American Indian inhabitancy of Alabama. The students will be shown certain plants and told how they were used by the Indians for food and medicinal purposes.

Materials Needed: Guide sheets with written information on the uses of plants


  1. Students will be told what the activity is about and ask if anyone in the group knows any information about plants that Indians used.
  2. Docent will lead the students on the walk.

Learning Outcome

The students will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the Native Indians of America and Alabama. On a lesser level they will be able to identify plants and how they were used by the Indians.

Instrumental Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • discuss how plants were used by Native American Indians.
  • recognize another aspect of how the Indians functioned in the natural world.
  • compare and contrast the use of herbs today and the use of herbs by the Indians.

**NAI series was developed by Shannon Whitley. This activity uses information found in the book “The Native Way.”