Lore and Learning


The students will be participating as a group in this activity. The docent will first read a Native American nature story, folklore, or myth, and then discuss the story with the group in terms related to biology, ecology, habitat, entomology, etc. using pictures when necessary, or available.

Materials Needed: storybooks, pictures


  1. Students will be put into a semicircle on the floor or ground.
  2. Docent will read the story selected and then ask students to identify characteristics that they liked about the story.
  3. The docent will then try to encourage the conversation to look at the story and how scientists explain what the story talked about.

Learning Outcome

The students will understand biological processes in nature, and be aware of the fact that a culture other than their own observed these processes and had explanations for them.

Instrumental Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • discuss the life process the Indians explained and associate it with scientific study.
  • explain why certain processes or characteristics happen in nature through scientific means and Indian explanations.
  • discover aspects of a different culture.