The Stalking Game


The students form a circle around one person about 20 yards away. The stalkers try to approach the center person. The center person is blindfolded and uses sound to point to stalkers who make a sound while trying to approach. If the point is true, that stalker must “freeze” until the pointer makes three consecutive bad points. Docents will determine the trueness of the point.

Materials Needed: blindfold, activity explanation


  • Docent will read the activity explanation about how Indians would walk through the woods.
  • Docents will explain of how the game is played and ask if there are any questions.
  • One person is picked to be put in the middle and blindfolded.
  • Other students are put into a circle around the chosen pointer.
  • Students then begin to play the game.

Learning Outcome

Students will recognize one way in which Native American Indians survived in the natural terrain of Alabama.

Instrumental Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • recognize the balance and strength it takes to walk silently through the woods.
  • determine how to manipulate their bodies to master the task of walking silently.
  • discover characteristics about themselves such as patience, strength, concentration, and focus.
  • associate bodily skills as well as hunting intelligence with Native American Indians.