Parking space is limited at the Arboretum. Parking on the grass or any area other than gravel/road is prohibited. All guests are required to park in designated parking areas and must park their vehicle as directed by Arboretum staff.

The main visitor parking lot is located uphill from the Pavilion and Greenhouses. A secondary small parking lot is available adjacent to the Children’s Garden. Two additional spots are located near the Wildflower Garden and additional spaces may be available in the staff parking lot behind the Greenhouses, particularly for those guests who have difficulty navigating steps or trails.

Parking on the roadside is only allowed when other parking areas are full and must not block traffic. For large events, guests who are able are encouraged to park at the old golf course parking lot and walk to the Arboretum via the Arboretum’s trails. The Arboretum golf cart is available upon request to transport guests from parking areas to the event location.