Georgia Oak – Quercus georgiana

Shrub or sometimes a small tree, rare and very local in Piedmont of Georgia and adjacent states. Height: 6-10’ but sometimes to 30’ / Diameter: 1’

Leaves: mostly 2-4” long; 1-2” wide. Elliptical; irregularly divided into 3-5 short-pointed bristle-tipped lobes. Shiny green above, paler with tufts of hairs in vein angles beneath. Bark: gray or light brown; thin; smooth becoming scaly.  Acorns: nearly round, becoming brown, stalkless or short-stalked; maturing second year.

Habitat: granite and sandstone outcrops of mountain slopes. Range: very local in South Caroline, N. Georgia, and N. Alabama.

Discovered at Stone Mountain, Georgia, this species was found afterwards in 2 adjacent states.