Photography Policy

Portrait sessions conducted by professional photographers require a reservation.  All photographers must abide by University and Arboretum polices or they will be asked to leave.  Repeat offenders may be barred from the premises.

Reservations are not required for nature photography or amateur photography.  If you are being paid to take photographs, want to make sure a particular location is available, or want to set up props, please make a reservation.  If you are in doubt, please make a reservation.  Fees are kept low and can be waived for certain groups.

Please see our reservation policy for more information.  If you are interested in an annual pass at a reduced rate, please contact us at


Pet Policy

Please be mindful that the Arboretum is botanical institution and nature preserve, not a dog park.  Our first priority is the protection of plants and wildlife.  Most botanical gardens and arboreta do not allow pets due to the damage they can cause.  You can keep the Arboretum pet-friendly by following the laws and policies below.

Tuscaloosa municipal code and university policy require all dogs to be leashed and for owners to clean up their waste.  Please keep dogs on trails and do not allow them to dig, chase wildlife, or urinate on plants.

If you see an unleashed dog please report it to UA Facilities Maintenance by calling the Customer Service Center at 205-348-6001.  Tuscaloosa Animal Control can be reached at 205-248-5800.  For emergency assistance, please contact UAPD at 205-348-5454.  Dangerous animals or individuals that refuse to comply should be reported to UAPD.

Violators of this policy will be asked to leave and may be ticketed.  Repeat offenders may be barred from the Arboretum.