Amelanchier Arborea – Downy serviceberry

Tree with narrow, rounded crown, or an irregularly branched shrub, with star-shaped, white flowers.

Height: 40’ / Diameter 1’

Leaves: 2-4” long; ovate or elliptical, pointed at tip, nothced at base; finely saw-toothed; with soft hairs when young, especially beneath. Dull green above, paler beneath; turning yellow to red in autumn.

Bark: light gray; smooth, becoming furrowed into narrow ridges.

Flowers: with 5 narrow white petals; on slender stalks in terminal clusters; bloom in spring before leaves.

Fruit: like a small apple; purple, edible, nearly dry or juicy and sweet, with several seeds; matures in early summer.

Habitat: moist soils in hardwood forests. Found in Eastern US.