European Linden – Tilia x europaea

Large, cultivated, shade tree with dense pyramid-shaped crown. Height: 70’ / Diameter: 2’

Leaves: in 2 rows; 2-4” long and wide. Heart-shaped or rounded; abruptly long-pointed at tip; sharply saw-toothed; long-stalked; dull dark green above, pale green below. Bark: gray, smooth, becoming fissured into scaly ridges. Flowers: ½” wide; with 5 pale yellow petals; fragrant; in long-stalked clusters; appear in early summer. Fruit: ¼” in diameter; nutlike; round, gray; maturing in late summer.

Cultivated across the US. A hybrid of two European species, European Linden is one of several introduced shade trees known as lindens and is related to the native basswoods. The flowers are a source of honey.