Arboretum To Host 2023 Open House

Come and joins us on October 8th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at The University of Alabama Arboretum for a plant sale, garden tours, beekeeping demonstration, live music by Zac Riverside, and more!

For more information, contact us at or call (205) 553-3278.

Find directions on our Directions and Parking page.

UA Arboretum Fall Plant Sale 2023

Potted PlantsQuantity
Agave (Medium)3
Agave (Small)1
Alabama Snow Wreath4
Amaryllis (Medium)2
Amaryllis (Small)1
American Beautyberry1
American Holly1
Burrow’s Tail2
Conoclinium coelestinum17
Cuban Oregano3
Cuban Oregano (Medium)2
Donkey Kalanchoe2
Donkey Tail1
Dragonfruit Cacti 6″2
Dragonfruit Cacti 8″1
Equisetum praealtum (L)4
Equisetum praealtum (M)18
Euphorbia cyathophora3
Eyelash Orchid (Large)1
Eyelash Orchid (Small)1
Flapjack Succulent1
Fragaria virginiana8
Ghost Euphorbia 4″1
Ghost Euphorbia 6″1
Ghost Succulent (Large)2
Ghost Succulent (Medium)5
Ghost Succulent x Jade1
Haworthia 6″1
Haworthia tray24
Haworthias 4″3
Hexastylis arifolia2
Hypericum frondosum13
Jade tray12
Japanese maple1
Kalanchoe 4″1
Kalanchoe 6″1
Leonotis leonurus5
Mother of Millions2
Peruvian Apple Cactus1
Plantscape (Large)2
Plantscape (Medium)2
Plantscape tray (Large)1
Plantscape tray (Medium)1
Plumeria (Large)5
Plumeria (Medium)14
Plumeria (XL)6
Purple heart (Medium)1
Purple heart (Small)1
Purple heart (XS)2
Queen of the Night1
Ratibida columnifera1
Silver squill5
Snake plant gold3
Snake plant short2
Southern Shield Fern10
Variegated Aloe2
Variegated Snake Plant2
Verbascum thapsus3
Wisteria frutescens1
Zebra Plant2
Seed Mix
Prairie flower seed mix50